7th Digital Banking Forum

In the last decade, the constantly increasing use of digital technologies brought forth changes in all areas of the economy, including the banking sector. This trend is expected to continue in the new decade. In Greece, as abroad, banks aim to adapt to this new environment by focusing their interest on innovative practices, while many Greek and foreign companies have started using innovations in order to establish their presence in the Greek market.

Innovation in the banking sector will be among the main topics of the 7th Digital Banking Forum, the conference on banking organized by Ethos Events with the goal to highlight the trends forming in this particular market sector in Greece and abroad.

The use of digital technologies in order to offer better services, the optimization of clients’ experience, open banking and APIs as well as the application of the European Union Directive on payments (PSD II) are just a few of the topics that will be analyzed in this year’s Digital Banking Forum. In addition, many scheduled discussions and presentations will focus on the growth of the fintech startup ecosystem in Greece and the next steps planned by financial institutions and the new “players” who have appeared in the banking sector.


The Digital Banking Forum will explore the various ways in which the use of digital technologies has transformed the financial sector, while aiming to offer a unique experience to its participants in terms of presentations and interaction between audience and speakers. A characteristic example are the on-stage interviews (fireside chats) of representatives of major “players” in the financial sector, who will discuss new trends and present their plans for the near future.

The conference is organized jointly by Ethos Events, the economic and business portal banks.com.gr and the economic and investment magazine HRIMA and will take place on Thursday 2 April 2020, at the Divani Caravel.

Topics – Areas of Interest

The 7th Digital Banking Forum will focus on the following areas of interest:

Οι αλλαγές στην εμπειρία του πελάτη
Innovations by Regulatory Authorities

The regulatory authorities of the banking sector have started getting involved in innovative activities through innovation hubs. Their goal is obvious: to further promote innovation in order to support new business models, services and applications that will boost customer experience and contribute to the reduction of banks’ operating costs.

The conference will also explore innovation-related initiatives by central banks in Greece and abroad.

New services, novel communication channels, different customer approach methods, utilization of big data, increased use of mobile banking and e-banking applications have resulted in a totally different customer experience, which will be presented in detail in the 7th Digital Banking Forum.

Innovations by Greek Banks

Greek banks have started offering their clients, individuals or businesses, a series of new services that utilize digital technologies. These aim at optimizing the experience of their customers, offering them more options and reducing costs for both sides.

It is estimated that the use of this type of services will increase in the next years. The 7th Digital Banking Forum will introduce these new and innovative services to its participants.

Νέες ψηφιακές, τραπεζικές υπηρεσίες για επιχειρήσεις & καταναλωτές
Το blockchain και οι εφαρμογές του
The New ``Players`` in Greece

Very interesting in the last years is the fact that new “players” have appeared in the wider financial sector. These include neobanks and challengers banks and also big organizations involved in other business sectors with vast client bases which they wish to make the most of. During this year’s conference, the latest developments in this sector will be explored, while interesting case studies on innovative methods to increase market share will be presented.

Open Banking

The application of PSD II Directive brought forward the issue of open banking and the utilization of APIs, which are now available by Greek banks to their clientele. The use of APIs may lead to new innovative services and applications. This year’s Digital Banking Forum will highlight the importance of open banking and the options it may offer to all interested parties.

Fintech startups
Fintech Startups

In the startup ecosystem, ideas and practices related to the fintech (financial technology) sector are high in the list of priorities of investment funds. Traditional banks, in Greece as in other countries, have shown their intention to cooperate with fintech startups, as both sides stand to gain a lot from this collaboration. But which are the sectors where such partnerships would be feasible? Which are the startups that could take the next step in the business arena and spread their activities beyond Greek borders? These are just a few of the questions that will be answered during the 7th Digital Banking Forum.